by Not Made In China

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released June 15, 2013

All music written and arranged by Gavin Blackhall, Joseph Johnston, Matthew Musial and Tiff Wheaton-Green.
Vocals by Tiff Wheaton-Green and Gavin Blackhall. Guitars by Matt Musial and Tiff Wheaton-Green. Bass by Gavin Blackhall. Drums by Joseph Johnston. Backing Vocals, Synths and Percussion by Not Made In China. Tin Whistle by Tiff Wheaton-Green. Additional Backing vocals by David Bird-Hawkins, Alison Jay and Myles Wheaton-Green. Engineered by Not Made In China at The Burrow, Bournemouth, Dorset. Mixed and Mastered by Matthew Musial. Produced by Not Made In China. Design Tiff Wheaton-Green. Released on Sotones, Southampton.



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Not Made In China Bournemouth, UK

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Track Name: Bryan
I don’t believe in heaven or hell
I don’t need a God or Jesus
I’m too young to find myself
I’m too young to need a reason

It’s one thing to be loyal, another to be a slave
You won’t find my hands together calling ‘hallowed be thy name’
I’m sure I’ll be alright without what you perceive to be wrong and right
And who’s to say thats not okay
Who’s to say thats not okay

I’ll make my own mistakes and I’ll make my own decisions
I don’t feel the need to change to fit myself into your vision
Don’t want deliverance from evil and I don’t want your forgiveness
Don’t need prayers to save my soul
Mark me as a sinner
Track Name: Cancel The Mortgage
Cancel the mortgage, double the rent
Where do we go now the money’s been spent?
We’ll struggle for funds to buy new clothes
With no qualifications, nothing to show

Oh I was looking for peace of mind
Made wrong choices, fell behind
Now I’ve been priced out of a degree
And employers can’t afford me

Streets are paved but where’s the gold
I’m fed up with these lies I’m told
Stay in school and stay in training
Don’t think about the debt you’re gaining

Just join the queue
And claim your tax
I know where I want to be going but I don’t have the cash
So I’ll join the queue
And claim your tax
I know where I want to be going but I don’t have the cash

Cancel the mortgage, double the rent
Where do we go now the money’s been spent?
Tax goes up, the purse strings tighten
Politicians all look frightened
Track Name: Sick of the Six
I’d like to spend some time with friends
But it always seems to depend if it’s too far away
How long they intend to stay
Sometimes I struggle to decide
Stay at home or socialise
Would the buses run on time if they hadn’t been privatised?

‘Cause those brighter buses never show
How am I supposed to get home?
I don’t have the cash to get a taxi back

Don’t want my social life to only live online
But a day pass three pound seventy pence
Driving seems to make more sense
Why all this isolation in the middle of a conurbation
I’m not that hard to please
I just want more amenities

So I’ll walk in the rain

Why is eleven fifteen the latest I can leave?
Track Name: Peel Back The Red Tape
Peel back the red tape before it decides your fate
Papers are only there to confuse, their headlines only give you bad news

I’m angry ‘cause I’m feeling cheated
They said that we were sure to benefit
Now leaning on my bedroom window ledge
I stare out at a sickly sunset
Patchwork pavements feed the concrete jungle
Bricks and mortar do the rest
You’d never know
What we lost

When we stopped venturing outside
When we stopped turning of the telly
When we stopped living in the real world
Because there is no guarantee that we will be happy

Communities filled with strangers
Instead of talking we google our neighbours
Track Name: 5/4
Written and Performed by T Wheaton - Green and M Musial
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at The Burrow (
Track Name: Perfect
These days the look counts
Its the jeans you wear, the state of your hair
Have to look the part to get somewhere
You say you’ll play the game
Looking ill is in so you’ll think thin

You’ll need the perfect face, the ideal shape
To look the same, to win the fame
Well played there
You’ve made it with disgraceful behaviour

It’s messed up how you’ve dressed up
Pushed your chest up like the rest of them
Obsessed with trying to impress
Desperate to fit in
Trying to leave obscurity and move into celebrity
But talent isn’t what you need, it’s popularity
Track Name: Easter Weekend
Often now I wonder why happiness was hard to find
So easy to romanticise the struggle of your easy life
You’re miserable at barbecues and broke because of fancy shoes
And now you never find the time to visit friends and socialise

There’s only so much I could take, and maybe we both made mistakes
But friendship can be hard to find, I wanted to keep hold of mine
But you deleted me online, that was your third and final strike
So I’ll just keep my memories
They’re all you left me

Slip and slide your way through life
Verse to verse and vice to vice

I’ll hold my tongue and count to three
And wait for some honesty
There’s been every opportunity
For you to say sorry
And where’s the honesty you promised me?
Wheres the apology?
There’s been every opportunity
For you to say sorry